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The highly-anticipated comeback series is being penned by Prison Break creator Paul Scheuring, which is slated to consist of nine episodes.The exact air date is not yet known but could potentially be later this year or in 2017.Russian President Vladimir Putin signed an act banning the “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations” in June.The laws impose heavy fines on anyone organising a gay pride event or providing information about homosexuality to people under 18.With all these projects, plus fan conventions and publicity tours, we had to ask: aren't you guys sick of each other yet? "We get when to be up in each other's faces and when to give each other some space." In the 12 years since the OG series aired, a lot has changed, most notably: their ages. "[Filming] the new one, for me, I noticed straight away that I, Dominic, was a lot older and making different choices than I would have as a younger man," Purcell explained."There's a certain weight to Lincoln that's a lot heavier I believe than the last seasons." "I considered it a rare gift to go back and revisit a character that was so meaningful to me at 43-44 and play him more as a man than I did originally, when both he and myself were man boys," added Miller.Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell have one of the longest working relationships in Hollywood, one that spans nearly 12 years and three television shows.The duo first joined forces back in 2005 for "Prison Break," which returns for a revival season on Tuesday night.

Jump forward a few years and the two appeared as a villainous team on "The Flash" in 2014, before their characters were spun off onto "Legends of Tomorrow." It was then that they talked about revisiting the roles that made them famous, prompting the 2017 "Prison Break" reboot. It's always a pleasure just being with him," Purcell told Too Fab at Wonder Con. When I'm moody, he leaves me alone." "We get each other," added Miller.

It was recently announced that the part of Sara’s husband in the Prison Break revival has been cast.

Mark Feurstein will be taking on the role of Scott Ness, the doctor’s new husband.

"I think people are going to feel that it's gone to a very epic scale," he added, "it feels like a movie, it feels like a 9-episode movie." Joining the show for the fifth season is newcomer Inbar Lavi, who also chose her words very carefully when teasing how she fits in to the big picture. " "I got to work with Rockmond Dunbar who plays C-Note and Dominic and they're these two big intimidating dudes and I didn't know what to expect," she added of her first days on set.

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"Rockmond turned into this huge teddy bear who just is there to support and love and push you and make you feel good.

"Man, people want to know spoilers so badly and I know and I understand why you're asking and I understand why people want to know," said Horowitz. "Part of the fun of the show is that you don't know what's gonna happen, if the car's gonna blow up or fall off the ...

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